Raoul en Xavier Verstraete wish you a warm welcome to our new website.

With the modern layout and multi-lingual support, we hope to serve an even more larger audience. We will edit the website's content by ourselves in order to assure an up to date website. Please feel free to visit us a lot for more news and information.

At the right side you can always read our latest news. Recent results and some advices can also be found there.

A recommendation is the fabulous Jewels of the Sky auction at the PIPA.be website. In this auction only the best direct Verstraete pigeons are offered to you. More information soon...
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Allround Champion Entente Belge 2011
2011 3° General Champion Entente Belge
2011 1° Allround champion Entente Belge
2011 1° Criterium der Azen
2010 1° General Champion Entente Belge
2010 Fastest pigeon on Chateauroux of 20330 pigeons.
2009 1° General Champion Entente Belge
2008 1° National winner Cahors 750 km
Etienne Meirlaen won with a grandchild of Topstar the FIRST prize on Montauban. This is the 5th place National on Montauban. Meirlaen won with another grandchild of Topstar the 13th prize international on Narbonne against 13 000 pigeons.
This is again the proove that the grandchildren of Topstar are fabulous pigeons.
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